Amber Alert issued for abducted 5-year-old

Amber Alert issued for abducted 5-year-old

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Moon Landing Anniversary

45 years ago Sunday, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin provided a historic moment for the U.S. Space program.

The Apollo 11 crew members set foot on the moon, marking success to a goal set forth by President Kennedy.

Today, more than four decades later, the memories of that moment in history has faded.

Today's generation may have a hard time relating to this accomplishment being so far removed from it.
Still, it was an achievement that by today's standards was a remarkable event.

1960's technology could very well be considered "light years" behind today's technical the ability to send a man to the moon at that time was indeed a great success for the country.

One might wonder if that had happened in today's era vs. then.

We may very well have seen it happen before us in an entirely different way. Like on our phones instead of a tv set.

Regardless, it was an event that even today is considered the biggest success of the space program.

We may go back to the moon someday, although there are no set plans for that to happen anytime in the near future...
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