Thruway to upgrade service area fuel pumps for chip readers

CAPITAL REGION -- The Thruway Authority will upgrade fuel pumps at six service areas on Interstates 87 and 90 over the next couple weeks.

The new pumps will be able to read chipped credit cards, further heightening security.

Fuel service will be temporarily suspended at the affected stops, from Monday, Jan. 16 to Tuesday, Jan. 24. Upgrades are scheduled during non-peak hours, to minimize the impact on travelers.

Upgrades will be made Jan. 16 at the Pattersonville service area on I-90 westbound, between exits 26 (Schenectady) and 27 (Amsterdam); on Jan, 17 at Mohawk on I-90 eastbound, between exits 27 (Amsterdam) and 26 (Schenectady); Jan. 18 at New Baltimore, I-87 northbound, between exits 21B (Coxsackie) and 21A (Berkshire Spur); Jan. 19 at New Baltimore, I-87 southbound, between exits 21A (Berkshire Spur) and 21B (Coxsackie); Jan. 23 at Malden onI-87 northbound, between exits 20 (Saugerties) and 21 (Catskill); and Jan. 24 at the Guilderland service area on I-90 eastbound, between exits 25 (Schenectady) and 24 (Albany).

"The Thruway Authority is always looking for opportunities to install new technology along our roadway to benefit our motorists," said Thruway Authority Acting Executive Director Bill Finch. "The fuel pump upgrades at service areas along I-87 and I-90 will give credit card users a peace of mind while fueling up on the Thruway while ensuring that our facilities are utilizing state-of-the-art technology."

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