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Meteorologist: Alyssa Caroprese
Last Updated: Sunday, July 05, 2015 5:45:26 AM
Weather Advisories:  NONE.
This Morning:  Areas of dense fog early, gradually lifting. Mostly sunny.
Wind: Westerly 5 mph
Sunrise:  5:23 AM
Temps: 60s
This Afternoon:  Mostly sunny & warm.
Wind: Westerly 5-10 mph
Sunset: 8:36 PM
High: Mid 80s
Tonight:  Clear skies. Patchy fog developing.
Wind: Light & variable
Sunrise:  5:24 AM
Low: Near 60
Tomorrow:  Mostly sunny. Warm & a bit humid.
Wind: Southerly 5-10 mph
Sunset: 8:36 PM
High: Mid to upper 80s
Tomorrow Night:  Partly cloudy. Warm & muggy.
Wind: SSE 5 mph
Low: Mid to upper 60's
Tuesday:  Mostly cloudy, warm & uncomfortably humid. Afternoon shower and/or thunderstorm.
High: 80-85
Wednesday:  Mostly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms through most of the day. Uncomfortably humid.
High: Near 80
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