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Meteorologist: Steve LaPointe
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Last Updated: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 4:31:30 PM
Weather Advisories:  None

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This Evening:  Cloudy and damp.
Occasional showers or drizzle.
Wind: Light and variable
Sunset: 6:03 PM
Temps: Near 50 by 8pm
Tonight:  Cloudy and damp.
Scattered showers or patchy drizzle.
Areas of fog.
Wind: Northerly 5-10 mph
Sunrise:  7:17 AM
Low: Mid 40s
Tomorrow:  Cloudy and damp.
Occasional showers or drizzle.
Rain possibly becoming more widespread during the late afternoon or evening.
Wind: Northerly, increasing to 10-15 mph
Sunset: 6:02 PM
High: Low to mid 50s
Tomorrow Night:  Cloudy and damp.
Wind: NNW 10-15 mph, except gusts to 35 mph at elevations of 1500' and higher
Low: Mid 40s
Thursday:  Cloudy.
Rain, moderate at times.
Wind: Becoming NW 10-15 mph
High: Low to mid 50s
Friday:  Cloudy skies.
High: Mid 50s
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