With COVID-19 restricting overseas travel, job openings remain at ski resorts
With COVID-10 restricting overseas travel, job openings remain at ski resorts

HANCOCK, Mass. (WRGB) The money situation has gone "downhill" for some as COVID-19 continues to spread.

But if you're hurting for cash, you may able to "carve" out at the very least a "side gig" this winter at Jiminy Peak, located in Hancock, just over the New York/Massachusetts Border.

"We are looking to fill all of our winter positions right now."

Those positions, anything from ski lift attendants to ski instructors would normally be filled by now.

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A good chunk of them, going to people overseas through sort of an "exchange program" that many ski resorts use to employ.

Director of Marketing Katie Fogel said, "They come and they stay here and they get to experience the culture of the United States and they certainly enjoy traveling while they're here."

But travel restrictions due to COVID have put the exchange program on hold...

"Not having them is a challenge this year."

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Jiminy Peak, in 2020 fashion, will use Zoom to hold 2 job fairs later this month.

One on the 11th and another on the 24th.

"People can hop on, learn about employment at Jiminy, talk to some people who are employed at Jiminy and you can also apply. Applications are opened now."

Most of the positions being offered up are part-time, so Fogel says it's a good opportunity for someone with a love for skiing and looking for a second income.

"Definitely can be a flexible schedule we'll work around. If they're looking for a second job or something kind of to fill in, I think a winter position at Jiminy is a great way to do that."

Not a terrible way to get outside, burn some 2020 stress, and make a few extra bucks in the process.

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