Albany Medical Center needs volunteers for vaccination clinics
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ALBANY, NY (WRGB)- Albany Medical Center is asking for volunteers to help staff their vaccination clinics. They've been tasked as one of ten different regional vaccination centers across the state to administer the vaccine.

Albany Med says they have to vaccinate almost one million people and they have to give them two shots each, so volunteers will be necessary to help get this done

To help with this effort, they have created a website called

On the website, people can find information on how to become a volunteer; Albany Med is one of ten regional vaccination hubs across the state.

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Albany Med is working with local health departments across the eight counties in their region to organize where they'll set up their clinics.

The hospital is gearing up for a vital operation of the vaccine rollout program.

Governor Cuomo himself thinks the vaccine distribution is the biggest governmental operation since the second World War. 

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Albany Med updated the community about this operation earlier this week, and they say they're already getting some volunteers

Dr. Dennis McKenna, President and CEO of Albany Medical Center, says,

“We've already begun to reach out to community businesses that can help in the area, and I think next week we're going to be able to announce a couple really editing areas where we can get help with the vaccination efforts."

Governor Cuomo has ordered all New York health insurers to cover the vaccine with no out of pocket costs.

Volunteers can sign up through ServNY, which is the state’s volunteer program.

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