Mechanicville students learn driving without distraction


MECHANICVILLE-- Students at Mechanicville High School learned about the dangers of distracted and dangerous driving.

CBS 6 is proud to bring our Drive Safe program to local schools with the help Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County and our sponsors Finkelstein and Partners Law Firm and Mohawk Honda.

Small groups used 'fatal-vision' goggles -- to simulate what it would be like to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Senior Christina Wheeler said, "I've learned how obviously it affects your vision and how it impairs what you do. I tried to take a shot and you just can't even try to see straight, it really takes a toll on how you act."

The students also heard personal stories of people who had lost loved ones in crashes, practiced driving on a texting simulator from the Saratoga Automobile Museum, and witnessed what a rollover crash would look like. The program continues tomorrow at the school, and then moves to Waterford-Halfmoon High School later this week.