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Bald eagles are focus of photographer's passion

Photographer Mike Lemery has discovered a passion for filming bald eagles.{ }
Photographer Mike Lemery has discovered a passion for filming bald eagles.
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CAPITAL REGIION “This is probably one of the main spots I film eagles, but I film all around the Capital Region because there are quite a few eagles and nests all around here. Just on Saturday I saw 12 eagles in one tree."

Mike Lemery is a videographer for living ... But filming eagles is what he calls his passion project.

“When I moved here, I got a new camera and I was looking for some cool places to film. I found Cohoes Falls, and I was here one day, and I saw an eagle right over there flying over my camera."

It was at that moment his love for these birds began.

Two in particular, that nest on Peebles Island, and are the stars of his popular web series, “Urban Eagles.”

“This year they had two babies and I kind of follow their lives as they try to survive.”

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And much of that survival rests on its bullish behavior, defending its territory from other birds ... And when it needs to, snatching food away from other animals.

“ I believe in the 7'0s there was only one nesting pair in the whole state. And now it's like over 300 or something like that.”

Mike doesn't just film eagles, in fact recently he made Boston news for this incredible picture of a great white shark off Cape Cod.

“I just snapped a bunch of photos and got him jumping out of the water.”

But a short drive from his home in Rotterdam, he says he's fortunate to be able to see sights like these so close to home.

“ Right behind all the buildings and stuff there's bald eagles and a lot of wildlife back here that not a lot of people know about.”
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