Deputy helps 5-yr-old boy live out his “perfect day” after letter to the newspaper


5-yr-old Mason Richards is no ordinary kid. There's a reason he wore camo to school today.

“Every Christmas he'll ask for a police uniform, the Easter bunny gave him a SWAT uniform,” said Mason’s Mom Amanda Richards.

When his kindergarten teacher asked the class to write a letter describing their perfect day, Mason's request to spend a day at a police station ended up in the Glens Falls Chronicle, and the right person ended up reading it.

“It means a lot it, it really does,” said Deputy Joshua Fish.

Wednesday, Warren County Deputy Joshua Fish granted Mason's wish, leaving the usually talkative little boy totally speechless, in front of his class at Queensbury Elementary and his parents.

“By him being speechless, we know it really meant something to him,” said Mason’s dad Chad Richards.

Deputy Fish had Mason take a pledge.

“I, Mason, will be the best boy I ever can be,” said Mason.

After receiving his badge and lots of hugs from his classmates, Mason was placed on duty. He and Deputy Fish made their way to their patrol car, so that Deputy Mason could live out his perfect day.

“It’s not every day we get to make a positive impact with children and when we do, it's one we like to take,” Deputy Fish said.

Mason enjoyed a ride in the police car, a tour of the sheriff’s office and lunch with Deputy Fish.

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