Positively Upstate: Social media for Pets!


He may not swipe, type or speak - but that’s not stopping Monty the dog from Galway from sharing snapshots online of his walk Tuesday through Saratoga with owner, Kelsey Caruso-Sharpe. But it’s not his human who is sharing them - it’s Monty himself! Well, sort of.

“He has a Petzbe account.” Kelsey says. “It’s giving your pet their own personality and imagining what their social media presence would be.”

Launching in March, the app Petzbe looks a lot like Instagram but it is strictly pets. Everything in this virtual community - posts, shared photos, videos - is done from your pet’s perspective.

“You are your pet. There is no human content.” Founder Andrea Nerep says. “We don’t ask about your profession, where you come from, politics, no selfies ”

Nerep says this anonymity gives users a break from reality and often times harshness of the social media world.

“There’s no room to be judgmental or anything because it is just pets communicating with each other and it’s just loving and silly.”

Kelsey says pets can post about anything.

“He (Monty) posts about everything he does in his day. Whether it’s destroying his crate, playing with squeaky toys or hanging out in the sunshine.”

Unlike Facebook, instead of getting ‘likes’ you get ‘licks.’ Instead of ‘followers’ it’s ‘sniffers.’

Petzbe has weekly assignments too; for example, share the story of how you met your human. Or what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? Instead of ‘Throwback Thursday’ it is ‘Tongue out Tuesday.’ Petzbe also raises money for charities benefiting animals every month.

“It’s a breath of fresh air from the online world.” Kelsey says. “Because in a pet’s world the worst thing that has happened in a day is, ‘hey! I didn’t get the treats I wanted.’ It always boosts your mood and makes you smile because let’s be real - looking at a pet’s face? You can’t help but smile.”

Petzbe is a free app which only requires an email address. It will soon be available for droids.

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