Positively Upstate: A coach's fight against cancer

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A former basketball star is facing her toughest opponent yet.

It's a fight for her life.

In tonight's Positively Upstate, CBS 6's Julia Dunn tells us about a local coach's battle with breast cancer and her inspirational comeback to the court.

An all-star in the mid-80's at Albany High and Hudson Valley Community College, Pamela Cunningham was always an athlete. Years later, she fell in love with coaching, and sharing her love of the game.

Pam knew to be proactive about her health, her mother was a breast cancer survivor; and due to density of her breasts, Pam knew she was at higher risk.

But even being proactive couldn't prevent the inevitable. Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013.

Pam surrendered a lot to cancer: her hair, her breasts, and a couple lymph nodes. What she didn't give up was coaching basketball.

Pam had a double mastectomy, then reconstruction. She's now cancer free, and back to coaching both 5th and 7th grade boys at Mohonasen. She's also back to playing herself, in a women's' league.

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