Positively Upstate: A new home for Puck


A dog named Puck has found his forever home with a family in Ballston Spa after being thrown out of car on a busy Utica street. His rescuers and new owners, Casey Rych and Dave Grossjean just happened to be visiting the city that day and saw the whole thing happen.

“We saw the car dump Puck on the side of the road and drive off without him.” Dave says.

“When they drove off he started running after their car.” Casey remembers. She was in a car nearby and immediately got out to pursue Puck on the busy street. “There’s cars coming every which way. Cars are stopping, cars are beeping. And I’m running down the main road after him!”

Puck was saved from traffic and taken in for the night; the car that dumped him had disappeared. Casey and Dave say the dog was in pretty rough shape; underweight, missing patches of hair and his front teeth are silver from hours of chewing on some sort of metal. The following day after driving home to the Capital Region, they took Puck to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society where Casey used to volunteer.

“We made it known when we brought him in there that we weren’t just going to drop off our family dog. We are going there to have him evaluated and make sure everything was okay with him. And if he got along with our other dog we wanted to adopt him.” Casey says.

Dave and Casey’s other dog, 4-year-old Madison, is also a rescue. Casey found her as a puppy wandering the streets of Albany.

Puck checked out at the MHHS and fortunately Madison was able to deal with no longer being the only-child, warming up to Puck quickly. When his rescue story was shared on Facebook, the post went viral. Thousands of likes and even donations towards Puck’s medical costs.

“The animal community is amazing because when something happens people reach out from everywhere.” Casey says. “He (Puck) has great temperament and I think he’d make a good therapy dog.”

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