Positively Upstate: Albany man animates mini films of the Capital Region

    Jordan McClendon animates mini films of the Capital Region

    ALBANY, NY (WRGB) - An Albany man is putting his creative talents to work by making computer animated mini-films of the Capital Region.

    Jordan McClendon, 29, has been building his collection of ‘Albany shorts’ for months. Only a couple minutes long and with no dialogue, each short story plays out to music.

    “I just want to capture different areas (around Albany) and show it to the community in a creative, animated way,” he says.

    Animating is a passion of Jordan’s during free time when he’s not working as director of visual media at White Lake Music and Post. He picks different locations in the community and applies it to a story line of his choosing. Usually drawing on past experiences; like riding the bus. One film depicts an elderly man riding a CDTA and observing other passengers.

    “Before I had a job and was in college I took the bus everywhere,” he says. “There was always some sort of antics going on the bus whether it was subtle or extreme.”

    His most recent short depicts a young woman heading to/from work dressed business casual strapping on a pair of rollerblades at the top of State Street downtown and skating down the hill.

    “Every time I get to the top I think – wow, how awesome would it be the ride a bike or rollerblade down there,” Jordan says when asked about the inspiration behind it.

    Jordan says the first step in creation is going to a location and taking photographs. He then makes a story board, begins sketching out characters and building the architecture and environment. He uses online maps to get a scale of the roads and buildings and a neighborhood slowly takes shape. Jordan says he’s currently working on a small animation of Washington Park. He says with the amount of trees, animating will be difficult but enjoyable.

    “It’s very beautiful, very diverse here,” Jordan says. “All I’m doing is recreating that and creating a scene around that. But most of the work is done here in Albany. I’m just replicating it.”

    Want to check out Jordan’s work? Here’s his website.

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