Positively Upstate: Cohoes students giving old kicks new life


COHOES, NY (WRGB) How many pairs of shoes do you have sitting in your closet right now – and how many do you actually wear?

Students at the Harmony Hill School in Cohoes are giving old kicks new life with a shoe drive to help developing countries all over the world. It’s impossible to miss the mountain of plastic bags full of shoes when you walk through the front doors. A collection that organizer and special education teacher, Kelly Ireland, says has surpassed expectations.

“We have at least 130 bags so we are well over 3,000 pairs of shoes.” She says.

The donations will go to a groups called Funds2Org which will pick up bags from various locations and send them to developing countries to help them make money. For every pound of shoes, the school gets 40 cents in return. Harmony Hill’s money will go towards building butterfly habitats on campus.

5th grader Evarista Tarol says when going through her closet even she was surprised how many shoes she never used anymore.

“To us, we’re like, ‘we don’t need these.’ But other people need the shoes way more than we would ever need them so I think it’s amazing that us kids made that difference.” Tarol says.

Ireland says she wants the kids to be aware of how their actions impact the global community.

“Hopefully, that will carry over to when they’re adults and they will reach out to help others.”

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