Positively Upstate: Dog Walking Aficionado

Positively Upstate: Dog Walking Aficionado

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (WRGB) He may as well be the dog whisperer of Saratoga Springs.

Tim Pink, owner of Saratoga Dog Walkers, is able to walk huge packs of dogs, all shapes and sizes, obediently at his heels through the hustle and bustle of downtown. He turns heads everywhere he goes as leader of the pack. Often times he’ll have more than two dozen dogs walking behind him. No barking, no jumping – when Tim stops, they stop. When Tim says sit, they sit. These canines see him as the ultimate alpha. So how does he do it?

“What I tell people is calm, consistent communication is key.” Tim says. “Everybody know that dogs want to please you but it’s a matter of them knowing what you want from them. Once they know someone is in charge and that they’re safe, it’s huge. Then they can just be themselves.”

Tim says the pack has grown over the past 7 years he’s been in business. He accepts all breeds – but they do need to be fixed and over 8 months old. He’s able to establish himself as the pack leader by speaking softly, using body language and rewarding with affection versus treats.

“When I introduce a new dog into the pack they’re meeting a good energy.” He says. “Energy is huge with dogs.”

During a walk, Tim and his assistant Erin may line up all the dogs for a group photo. Once dogs are aligned, he drops the leashes and steps back to take the picture. Not one dog moves. It takes a bit of time to set up but Tim says it’s a great training exercise.

“Not only do they get to practice their sits and stays with distractions, but also sitting together like this lets them know we’re a pack.”

For more information check out Tim’s Facebook page – just search ‘Saratoga Dog Walkers.’

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