Positively Upstate: Local boy defying the odds

Positively Upstate: Local boy defying the odds (WRGB)

LATHAM, NY (WRGB)--Watching this vibrant young boy, you'd never think he's spent most of his life in a hospital, or on a ventilator too weak to even lift his tiny arms.

The only thing giving it away, his trach.

Brady was born with a paralyzed diaphram. and he couldn't breathe on his own.

It's something mom and dad Lizzie Smalley and Sean Bell say wasn't discovered until the day of birth.

Both in the medical field, there were no indications throughout Lizzie's pregnancy that something could be wrong.

The family of three spent most of Brady's first year in a hospital downstate.

"I think the hardest part about having a child with an unknown condition to medical science is you don't know the prognosis. You don't know where is this going to go? We didn't know who to go see. What doctor is going to see our child when they don't know how to treat him?," said Smalley.

Their prayers were answered when , through their own research, found a doctor at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia specializing in kids on vents and pulmonology.

"The first day he'd done more in 5 minutes than had been accomplished in a year and half," said Bell.

Sean and Lizzie say their son's personality's been shaped by those surrounding him, starting in the NICU, family, friends and even strangers.

With Brady now off the vent, they say the trach should come out soon.

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