Positively Upstate: Photographer John Bulmer's haunting visions


John Bulmer is not your average pro photographer.

Because one of his many skills is showing you what your cities and towns look like when the unthinkable happens - when nature moves in and takes over.

“When I do these photos I do things that are easily recognizable,” Bulmer said.

“When it's in a state of disrepair it takes them by surprise - kind of, what happened to that? And the whole story unfolds from there.”

Hauntingly beautiful, Bulmer’s done everything from the Capitol. Proctors, the Collar City Bridge, and the one he says was most satisfying - the Twin Bridges.

“Capital Region residents have spent a lot of time sitting in their cars on the Twin Bridges. So when I did that I knew I was going to get a reaction because there's a love-hate relationship with those bridges here.”

To show you how he does it, we’re using a very familiar landmark.

“So before John came out here today I asked if he could make CBS6 part of his collection. What do you think? Can you can do it?”

“I can try!”

CBS6, before and after. Here, you can see how John alters and adds details, slowly absorbing the building back into the natural world. No narrative - the story of what happened here is completely up to you.

“If I put a zombie in it or some kind of story with it; it will limit what it is.”

Creating new realities is something John says he loves most about his job. From “Star Wars” battles above Troy, to making a child’s fantasy come true.

“I made my daughter into Ironman.”

The images are something out of a movie - some, out of a horror movie, depending on who you ask!

“It's such a big imposing structure, you never think it might be gone. ... it kind of reminds us that everything is temporary.”

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