Positively Upstate: The Ice Man

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His name sounds more like an urban legend then an actual person. But the ‘Ice Man’ is no myth. He’s very real and for the past two decades been bringing thousands of ice sculptures to life in the Capital Region. And not just during winter. This is a year-round passion.

CBS6 got to see where the sculpting is done in Hudson Falls and meet the Ice Man himself, Charles Jones. A former chef and teacher, Jones and his wife started the business together more than 20 years ago. Today, his studio employs several talented artists.

“We’re basically taking the most basic ingredient, water, and bringing it to its highest art form. A sculpture.” Jones says.

Unlike ice itself, what he creates is nothing but basic. Catering to local festivals, street walks, weddings and other events, the Ice Man constructs entire bars, company logos, interactive displays, luges, even shuffle board tables.

“People say, it’s just ice! But, it’s a lot of electricity, it’s a lot of labor to get this to where we want it to be.” Jones says.

CBS6 took a tour of the Ice Man’s studio and learned how elaborate sculptures are made. From the very beginning of actually freezing 300 pound blocks – to the digital blueprints computers use to carve designs into blocks of ice. Not to mention the detailed chiseling and molding work done by ice sculptors at the studio.

Jones says he invites students into his business all the time and considers it to be a teaching studio.

“We teach a lot of people how to do ice.” He says. “You’re challenging yourself. You’re working with a medium that is so forgiving.”

The Ice Man was gracious enough to construct a 240 pound CBS6 logo that you can see at the Victorian Street Walk in Saratoga Springs! Event is November 29th and kicks off with a tree lighting ceremony at 6pm.

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