Positively Upstate: Wrinkles recovering after being thrown from window


    CBS6 is keeping you updated on the recovery of an innocent puppy thrown out an upstairs window in Canajoharie. Earlier this month, 7-month old Wrinkles fell victim to a horrific act of animal abuse at the hands of a woman now facing a felony charge.

    “I was kind of speechless at first,” Montgomery County SPCA shelter manager Anthonio Baker says. “One, that someone could something so horrible to such a sweet dog. And also amazed at all the problems and breaks he had from being thrown out that window.”

    Injuries which have done nothing to damper Wrinkles’ upbeat spirit. It took four hours of surgery to repair his broken femur and five broken bones in his front paw. Still, when CBS6 cameras came to check on how he was doing, Wrinkles came hopping up to the door with a wagging tail; still so much trust in his eyes.

    “I would assume being thrown out a window and to have such a terrible thing happen to him that being picked up or anything he’d be very fearful and reserved,” Baker says. “But, he just walks up to you and wants to give you his love.”

    A Canajoharie woman was arrested and now faces a charge of aggravated animal abuse under ‘Buster’s Law’ which is a felony in New York state. When the story went viral, Baker says he was amazed at the outpouring of support.

    “It takes a community to solve problems like this and they definitely have stepped up,” he says. “I believe we had individuals all the way from the UK reach out and provide donations to help with his recovery.”

    Right now, Wrinkles is in foster care working to heal and get his strength back. Once he’s recovered he will be up for adoption and Baker says the MSPCA has already received a few inquiries.

    The MSPCA has lots of dogs and cats that need forever homes! Check out their website for more information: www.mc-spca.com

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