"Strong" little boy celebrates his first birthday

Photo: WRGB

One-year-old Logan is a miracle baby in every sense. From the day he was born he's battled the deadliest form of brain cancer - a glioblastoma. This past Saturday was an amazing milestone for Logan and his family as he celebrated his 1st birthday - a day doctors thought he'd never live to see.

"The first day he was born we weren't sure he was going to make it," says Logan's mother, Jennifer Hendricks-Fogg. "And then 3 months later when he was first diagnosed, they weren't sure he was going to survive that either."

Over the past year CBS6 and thousands on Facebook have followed the incredible journey of little Logan. From the hospital room where he's spent most of his life, to now living at home with his family.

"He's amazing. He's worth every second, every tear. He just overcomes," Hendricks-Fogg says.

Because of his chemotherapy treatments, Logan is about 6 months behind developmentally than other babies his age. To his parents' joy he's just started sitting up on his own. He also uses a feeding machine a couple hours a day - a big step as he was dependent on it 24/7 just weeks ago.

"Basically, the way I see it the day he was diagnosed we pretty much pushed pause on development," she says.

Right now, Logan is cancer-free but he'll do another year of maintenance chemo to make sure the cancer doesn't return. Hendricks-Fogg hopes Logan's story will serve a bigger purpose in raising awareness about childhood cancer; something less than 4 percent of federal funding goes towards.

"I am beyond grateful for everybody that has donated, reached out, or sent letter or cards," Hendricks-Fogg says. "It's amazing that people get strength from us ... it's hard to do this. But he makes it easy."

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