Road Trippin': Beacon

Road Trippin': Beacon (WRGB)

BEACON, NY (WRGB)---Recognize this mountain?

It's the same one on the New York State seal , and looks over the gorgeous Town of Beacon.

This hidden gem between Albany and New York City will bring out the artist in everyone.

Hudson Beach Glass is a gallery where you can purchase, admire, even create your own glass art.

Co-owner Michael Benzer showed us the ropes.

"I'm going to make a Christmas ornament so the first thing I did was pick out colors, these two, now I'm going to go blow some glass," he said.

The next stop was one of the most unique and big museums you'll ever step foot in.

Art is definitely something that Beacon is known for, and not just the pieces that you look at on the wall. Huge massive pieces like the ones at the Dia that you can only experience.

Dia Beacon offers 300,000 square feet of gallery space so there's lots to see and explore, and each gallery is dedicated to one artist's work.

And these aren't just paintings on a wall , they're huge projects.

Sculptures made from parts of cars, or a shipyard.

Artists featured here are going for an experience.

"So what would it mean to not just look at an image but to have a full experience with the artwork," said Megan Mattingly, Education Manager at Dia Beacon.

Since opening in 2003, Dia Beacon's had a major impact on the community.

Not only making it an art destination, but a place for early learning.

"We work with every second grader in the city of Beacon and we have a lot of programming for schools and families.They'll imagine they're in a whole other world when they're in a sculpture, said Mattingly.

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