CBS6 Investigates: RAVE Panic Button App


NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (WRGB) - With recent mass shootings fresh in the minds of many, keeping their kids safe as they head back to school is what every parent thinks about.

There’s a new plan gaining traction across the country to arm teachers - with an app.

“Every one of these shootings has people looking for solutions,” said Todd Piett, CEO of RAVE Mobile Safety.

The company has developed a “Panic Button” app that Piett hopes can save lives.

Users purchase an annual license to use the app, between $10 and $30 per user. It can also be integrated into the local 911 system, along with built-in floor plans, so first responders know exactly where the problem is. Users can then instantly report an emergency.

“You press the button, the right people are notified, you’re talking with 911,” Piett tells CBS6.

Piett says corporate campuses are also showing interest, especially since the shooting at YouTube’s headquarters in April.

“(911 operators can) communicate back with everybody on site to give updates. So it might be, 'Hey this is an active shooter, we’ve got him in the cafeteria,'” Piett said.

But right now, the Panic Button app is being used most for non-active shooter situations.

“Any time we’re going to call 911, we’re pressing the button. It might not be the active shooter button, it might be the medical button, it might be the fire button,” Piett tells CBS6.

Piett says the Panic Button app is deployed in around 4,000 schools right now, and last year the app was used around 9,000 times.

For more info on the app, click here.

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