Heading to the polls on Tuesday? Here's what you need to know before you go


    If you're registered to vote in New York and got verified by your county board of elections, the hard part is out of the way. But if you weren't verified, Cheryl Couser of the state board of elections says you may need to show ID if it's is your first time voting in your county.

    Then there's proper attire for a polling site.

    "If you just go in and you have a shirt or apparrel that says, I support the second amendment, I support marriage equality. that's fine."

    But Couser says openly supporting a candidate at a polling site, can be interpreted as electioneering, which is illegal.

    "If you have a shirt that says you are supporting a candidate, who is on the ballot and you are trying to support and advocate that others vote for that candidate. that's electioneering."

    Couser says you also can't have any campaign gear within a 100-foot radius of a polling site.

    As some politicians warn of voter fraud -- Couser says that's not common in New York.

    Each county keeps every registered voter's name in a poll book, so no one can vote twice.

    "Before election day, it's checked. It's audited by that county."

    Also, amid an investigation into Russian hacking in the last major election, Couser says election security has heightened since 2016.

    She says New York's voting machines aren't computers, making them harder to hack, and there's much more communication between the state and federal governments about election security.

    Couser also brought up selfies at polling sites --

    You can, but there are conditions. Rule number 1, you can't say who you voted for. Rule number 2, you can't have your completed ballot in the photo. And finally, just like any good selfie, no one else should be in the photo. Follow these steps on election day, and you likely won't get kicked out of a polling site.

    To find out if you are a registered voter, and if so – where to vote:


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