Tague and O’Connor pound pavement ahead of rematch for seat in 102nd Assembly District


    One of the races to watch Tuesday night is a rematch in the 102nd Assembly district.

    The incumbent Chris Tague narrowly beat his opponent Aiden O'Connor in April's Special Election to fill the seat left vacant by Pete Lopez.

    A mere 159 votes came between them. Now, just months later, they're facing off again!

    “You'll see me in Greene County, you'll see me in Albany County you'll see my in Ulster County.”

    Aidan O' Connor barely lost in the Special Election earlier this year.

    “This time I feel much more confident, we talked to way more people,” O’Connor said.

    He spent Monday pounding the pavement again, aiming to grab the same seat against the same opponent.

    The 30-year-old Democrat would be one of the youngest people to ever hold an NYS Assembly seat.

    “And hopefully be the first paramedic ever elected to the legislature,” O’Connor said.

    “No one knew what the results were going to be in April, I don’t think anyone knows what the results will be tomorrow,” Tague said.

    Chris Tague (R,C,I, REF- Schoharie) also spent the day getting in front of as many constituents as possible.

    “We’ll be pounding the pavement until 9 tomorrow night,” Tague said.

    After about five months in office, 48-year-old Tague touts this accomplishment.

    “Only 6 weeks in office, I was ranked #1 by the New York State Business Council as the top jobs and business legislator in the whole state,” Tague said.

    CBS 6’s Anne McCloy asked each candidate to name their top two issues.

    “Ethics reform and property taxes,” Tague said.

    “We need more access to healthcare with the growing age population, and the second is taxes,” O’Connor said.

    In the final hours, both have this message for voters.

    “It’s important that everyone gets out there and vote,” Tague said.

    “It’ll all come down to tomorrow, how many people come to the polls and make their voice heard,” O’ Connor said.

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