Mom says sons “happy and healthy” in recovery after both struggled with heroin addiction


Laurie Quinn may look familiar. She's been on our air before, but this time she has a new haircut and some good news.

“My life after meeting with you last February changed, everything changed,” Quinn said.

Laurie invited me into her home about a year and a half ago to share her story. Both of Laurie's sons started using drugs as teenagers.

She explained to us then how at first, she ignored the signs of their addiction.

"I found the baking soda, and I said I'm sure it's in there to make the room smell better, but it wasn't, it was in there for drug use," Quinn said.

Back then, Laurie allowed investigators from the Albany County Sheriff's Office into her home to show us some of the signs of heroin use, so we could alert other parents.

"Their garbage cans will be filled with tissue paper with blood stains," Investigator Kopek said.

Tonight, Quinn has a great update on her sons. She says both are finished with treatment and are out of transitional housing.

“They are both living independently, they're employed, they're happy they're healthy, they're moving forward they're progressing with their lives,” Quinn said.

And there's more, now Laurie has teamed up with Cortney Lovell, who struggled with heroin addiction as a teen and whose story of recovery went viral after we talked to her last year.

With their experience, the two are now helping families.

Cortney coaches those struggling with addiction, and Laurie supports the parents doing everything to save their kids.

“Sometimes it’s a family in crisis, and they just need to talk to somebody so they can breathe again,” Quinn said.

Laurie and Cortney's recovery coaching business is called Our Wellness Collective.

Each of them text, call and meet with families to keep them on track as they try to beat addiction.

For a list of resources for help with heroin addiction check our list of resources under the Dose of Reality tab listed under News.

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