Opioid forum held at Ellis Hosptal


SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (WRGB) - Many people attended an opioid forum in Ellis Hospital’s Graham Auditorium to discuss expanding access to addiction recovery on Wednesday.

State and local leaders gathered with community members for the listening forum. The recovery talk gave a voice to people impacted by addiction, and those in addiction prevention, treatment and recovery programs.

Many took center stage to tell their own stories. One young man in recovery says he just wants to help others.

"I really want to help other people because I know how much I've benefited from the treatment that I've got, despite the barriers that I've had to face to get there,” said Tele Rabii. “I know how much I've benefited from it and I want people to be able to get the same treatment."

Officials says there have been positives to reaching out to the community and providing help and resources to those addicted.

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