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“Sober bar” serving up options for people who want to go out in alcohol-free environment

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This week, Elissa Emery and Sarah Wehnau will officially become business owners when they open up their new bar, full of specialty cocktails, but completely free of alcohol.

“We like to refer to it as a sober bar,” Emery said.

The idea for a "sober bar" was inspired by Elissa's childhood.

“When I was 5-yrs-old my mom entered rehab for the first time when she was pregnant with my brother, and she has struggled with addiction ever since,” Emery said.

Then as a young adult, one of Elissa's best friend's struggled with substance abuse, and when her friend got into recovery, they struggled to find anywhere to go out where people weren't drinking.

“Trying to find a space we could both go where we both felt like this is a great place where we can go and hang out, that wasn't like a Dunkin’ Donuts or a Starbucks, there really wasn't anywhere.

Elissa and Sarah decided to turn the need into a business concept, a place where everyone can get a drink without temptation.

So what does a bartender serve at a sober bar? How about a strawberry margarita, with no alcohol, and no guilt.

The “margarita” is actually a metabolism boosting tea, that helps you burn 100 calories per cup.

“When you digest it, you're actually burning more calories than you took in” Wehnau said.

Everything they're shaking up won't hurt your waist line, even their chocolate chip cookie dough concoction.

“This is about 225 calories, 22 grams of plant based protein, and is a vegan option,” Emery said.

The name of the "sober bar" is Unbreakable Nutrition. Elissa's hoping it breaks the mold for where people choose to socialize.

“We hope we're setting the new standard to include everybody, including those in recovery,” Emery said.

Emery says they will be hosting events to give people options for activities that don't involve drinking.

'Unbreakable Nutrition' is opening its’ doors Wednesday August 1st in West Sand Lake.

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They will also be holding events. The first one is a ‘Sober Paint and Sip’ happening Friday August 31st.

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