Gov. Cuomo inspects water filtration system in Hoosick Falls


HOOSICK FALLS -- Governor Andrew Cuomo made his first trip to Hoosick Falls since his administration declared the village's water unsafe to drink last fall. He began his prepared remarks by saying the Hoosick Falls water contamination is not unique.

"We were in the manufacturing economy. We were making things. We were using chemicals. We allowed waste disposal in fashions that, in retrospect, were not prudent and now, in many ways we are paying the price as a society," Mr. Cuomo said.

The governor inspected the filtration system that was recently connected to the municipal water supply and announced the results of recent testing.

"The temporary filter is installed. They have done the testing. The water that comes out of the temporary filter, the Calgon filter, is what they call non-detect for PFOA. That means the filter works. The filter on the village system works," Mr. Cuomo said.

Governor Cuomo also announced that village residents would receive refunds on their water bills.

"People feel that they are paying their bill for the water system but they can't use the water system and that is unfair. I agree that is unfair. Six months of their cost of water will be covered by the state and I believe should be covered by the company(Saint Gobain) and we are going to put forth a claim against the company," Mr. Cuomo said.

The governor was asked why he did not come to Hoosick Falls sooner. He said he had meetings on the PFOA contamination as soon as he learned about it.

"The question from day one after we identified the chemical, was can you filter the chemical, yes or now, how do we do it, who bears the cost? That was always the question and that was never an on the ground question," Mr. Cuomo said.

The Governor was joined in his inspection of the water filtration system by Hoosick Falls Mayor David Borge, and State Senator Kathleen Marchione.

"I saw the filter today, it's an attractive filter, it's a big filter, it looks good in grey, I don't know if it comes in other colors, I don't know if it has a design look. My seeing the filter and touching it is not all that relevant," Mr. Cuomo said.


HOOSICK FALLS- Governor Cuomo will be visiting Hoosick Falls today.

His office says he'll be holding a press conference at the DEC building at 10:15 a.m.

This will be the first time Gov. Cuomo is visiting the village since concerns were raised about PFOA levels in the water.

CBS6 will have a crew there and will have the very latest during our evening newscasts.

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