New York has tested Hoosick Falls water for PFOS

HOOSICK FALLS -- The recent discovery of the chemical PFOS in Petersburgh has prompted questions about the chemical showing up in the water in Hoosick Falls.

The Rensselaer County Health Department announced that water samples collected from 4 private wells in Petersburgh tested positive for PFOS. A spokesperson for the New York State Department of Health says that when Hoosick Falls water was tested for PFOA, testing for PFOS was done as well. Officials have not said if PFOS was detected in any of the samples from Hoosick Falls.

Two hundred Hoosick Falls residents were at the Brown's Brewing Company on Friday night for an Earth Day celebration. Co-owner Kelly Brown says she and her husband wanted to recognize the people who helped the village navigate the water contamination crisis. "We're really excited to also celebrate the I Heart Hoosick momentum here in Hoosick Falls; we are on the other side of the water crisis and things are really looking great for the village," Mrs. Brown said.

Hoosick Falls mayor David Borge says the village is still on target for the permanent water filtration system to be installed this fall. "The full capacity system as we have been saying will be up and running no later than October, and we are still on target for that. We anticipate actual construction to start over the next month and we'll be working throughout the summer," Borge said.

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