Hoosick Falls residents angered when PFOA meeting is adjourned without settlement vote

HOOSICK FALLS (WRGB) -- All was quiet at the Hoosick Falls village board meeting Thursday -- until there was no meeting.

Dozens had come out expecting a discussion and vote on a new settlement with Saint Gobain and Honeywell, the companies deemed responsible for poisoning the water supply with PFOA.

Instead, the mayor postponed the meeting because one of the board members had a family emergency and couldn't attend.

"Our representation walks out the door when we are fighting for clean water for our children," said Hoosick Falls resident Michele Baker.

"I cannot believe it, I just cannot, it's rude!" added Desiray Rice, another resident.

Residents say they understand pushing back the vote given the circumstances, but they would have liked to still have an open discussion, where they say they would've told the mayor the revised agreement is no better than the original.

"It's just trash. Shred it. Rip it up," said Baker.

Rice added, "we're not children, we do understand what's going on here, and to come back and say 'oh we got $150,000 more are you happy?' No, I'm not happy."

Rice moved to the village a year ago, and wasn't told about PFOA until it was too late.

We asked if she would have moved to Hoosick Falls had she known about the contamination.

"I would not have. Absolutely not."

Now, Rice and the other residents have become forced to take on new roles, and set the precedent for other communities on how to handle a contamination crisis.

"We've become accidental advocates, we've become accidental attorneys. They eyes of the nation really are on Hoosick Falls," Baker said.

The meeting has been rescheduled for Monday at 6pm.

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