Hundreds watch the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Hoosick Falls

A bright sun beamed down on the hundreds of people who stood on Main and Church streets in Hoosick Falls to watch the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Longtime village resident Bill Gaillard was grand marshal. "It brings our community together; we've had some unique media coverage of late," Gaillard said.

US Representative Chris Gibson, who represents the 19th Congressional District, spoke with residents before marching in the parade. "Wonderful folks, tough folks and obviously with the challenges we have today, with the water and everything, I am hoping this weather is a sign that we're turning the corner here; we're soon to have the carbon filtration process complete and to have potable water," Gibson said.

Gibson was not the only elected official to attend the parade. Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin and Senator Kathleen Marchione, both Republicans addressed the growing criticism directed at Governor Cuomo for not having personally visited Hoosick Falls since the water crisis began. Senator Marchione supports what Cuomo has done so far. "He set up a rapid response team, he has the Dept. of Health and the Dept. of Environmental Conservation here three days a week. So I believe the Governor has done a very good job making sure once the chemical was put on the list of being a hazardous chemical. I don't think he or the state could have moved any faster," Sen. Marchione said.

Assemblyman McLaughlin says while he and others have been to Hoosick Falls multiple times, the Governor has yet to come. "I think the people of New York can pretty much figure out what is going on, that this is a Governor that's petrified of this becoming his Flint, Michigan moment. It's too late for that, it's already his Flint, Michigan moment. He's been ducking and hiding from this; leaders lead and leaders show up when people are hurting," Mr. McLaughlin said.

CBS 6 sent an e-mail to the Governor's office asking for a response to Assemblyman Mclaughlin's remarks. There was no reply by the end of Saturday afternoon.

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