20 years after daughter's disappearance, Suzanne Lyall's mother still searches for answers

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ALBANY -- Suzanne Lyall hasn't been seen since she got off a bus on the SUNY Albany campus March 2nd, 1998, age 20, vanishing without a trace.

Two decades later, her mother Mary is still working to find out what happened to her.

“I still need to know where she is, and until I know where she is, I just can’t rest,” Mary Lyall said.

This week carries many important dates for Mary Lyall. Thursday is her 75th birthday. Friday is when her youngest daughter disappeared 20 years ago.

“A whole generation has gone by, and I still don’t have answers,” Mary Lyall said.

In April, Suzanne Lyall would be turning 40 years old. It's a difficult milestone for Mary, because Suzanne was 20 when she went missing. She's now been gone for nearly as long as she was here.

“For 20 years I had her, whole lifetimes go by. Very sad,” Mary Lyall said.

Suzanne worked at a software store at Crossgates Mall and was taking the bus back to campus the last night she was seen March 2nd,1998. Mary says Suzanne's boyfriend called to say he hadn't seen her the next morning. State police have never named a suspect or a person of interest in the case.

“I've been on the case since 1998,” Mary Lyall said.

State Police Senior Investigator John Camp is still working Suzanne's case, which went cold due to a lack of evidence.

“We believe it’s a homicide. Is there a chance she moved away? It’s a possibility, but the reality is she’s probably been a victim of a homicide,” Camp said.

The only major clues in Suzanne's disappearance, someone used her ATM card at a Stewart's Shop near campus March 3rd, 1998, and Suzanne's student ID card turned up on campus weeks later.

“We need someone to come forward who knows the case or has knowledge of the case that has information,” Camp said.

Mary Lyall says she won't stop searching for answers until she learns the truth.

“I still need to know, how many years do I have left?” Mary Lyall said.

Since her daughter's disappearance, Mary Lyall has helped countless families of missing children, and has even helped change laws to help find them.

Tomorrow night on CBS 6 News, Mary’s new mission in the fight to track down the missing. What she and a state senator are doing right now to try and help police locate victims both missing and murdered.

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