21-year-old man sentenced for killings of Glens Falls mom and 4-year-old daughter

Bryan Redden has been sentenced to 44 years in prison in the deaths of a Glens Falls woman and her 4-year-old daughter.

GLENS FALLS -- The family of a murdered woman and child broke down in tears today as they learned the young man convicted in the brutal killings, was sentenced to 44 years to life behind bars.

33-year-old Crystal Riley and her 4 year-old daughter Lilly were stabbed to death in their Glens Falls apartment in August. 21-year-old Bryan Redden pleaded guilty to the murders. Prosecutors say he robbed the apartment of electronics after taking their lives.

“My heart was breaking in a million pieces,” said Crystal’s mother Maryellen Monroe.

Tears streaming down her face, Monroe spoke of the moment she saw the bodies of Crystal and her 4-year-old granddaughter Lilly.

“I wanted to run to them, but my body was paralyzed,” Monroe said.

Crystal's brother spoke about the moment his children asked him what was wrong, just after he learned of the murders.

“How do you tell a child about something so evil? Because I couldn’t,” he said to the defendant.

He expressed his anger about the law.

“I’m enraged our family has to worry that he may for free one day,” the victim’s brother said.

Bryan Redden was sentenced to 44 years to life in prison. He addressed the courtroom.

“Every day since this happened, I wish I could give my life for theirs, and anything else I could give, I would give times ten,” Redden said.

After the killings, police described the 21-year-old as homeless, and said he was only an acquaintance to Crystal.

“Crystal and Lilly didn’t deserve to die, but I can give up what I am now, to the best of my abilities,” Redden said.

On his Facebook page Redden described himself as a “carnie”, and listed a string of restaurant jobs. A friend of Redden’s told CBS 6 that Redden claimed he was high at the time of the killings. Redden's defense attorney said he was planning a psychiatric defense, but in January Redden changed his plea to guilty, admitting he rode his bike to the apartment, and slit the victims' throats.

“Her demise was very bloody and quite horrific,” said the prosecutor.

The Warren County District Attorney’s Office was not willing to offer a plea bargain because of the nature of the crime.

“There's not a sign of remorse it's very much, this is what I did today, and that is I killed two people,” said the prosecutor.

The prosecutor said Redden stole a TV, a jar of coins and video games from Crystal's apartment, and said it's unlikely Redden was on drugs at the time, because he acted logically washing his hands after the crime. He said Redden also went to get Chinese food and attempted to cash out the loose change. He was found driving Crystal’s car.

Redden will be eligible for parole in 44 years. Crystal's family is fighting for tougher law to prevent his release.

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