Four arrested for stealing close to $8,000 worth of lingerie in Saratoga County

4 arrested in connection to lingerie thefts from Victoria's Secret

WILTON, NY (WRGB) They were tracked down in 15 minutes.

Deputies arrested 42 year-old Shareen Murray, 24 year-old Tyairrial Murray, 23 year-old Janae Shaw and 24year-old Namon Johnson for allegedly taking close to $8,000 worth of lingerie from Victoria's Secret shop in the Wilton Mall. Investigators say they lined their bags with tin foil to get the items through the in-store security systems. But mall security caught them on surveillance video.

"The call that we received was that the larceny was in progress so I believed the manager observed what was happening as it was happening," says Lieutenant Dan Morley of the Saratoga County Sheriff’s office.

According to Saratoga County Sheriff's officials, they left the mall with the security items still attached to the merchandise.

Investigators say mall security was able to describe the four suspects and give authorities details about the car they were driving.

"Description, description, description. That always helps us, they were able to give a good description of the persons involved, good description of the vehicle and obviously a license plate is a gold mine to us,” says Lt. Morley.

After their arrest, deputies found out three of them were out-of-state fugitives.

Shareen Murray is wanted in Pennsylvania for violating parole. Tyairrial Murray is wanted for the same charges out of New Jersey. Namon Johnson had an active warrant out of Oneida County, New York.

Investigators say their quick arrest should send a warning to anyone looking to shoplift in Saratoga County. All four were arraigned in Malta Town Court this week. No word yet on how officials will handle the out of state charges. Officials say all of the stolen merchandise has been returned.

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