4th Annual CREATE Symposium to showcase student inventions


New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc. (NYSID) is hosting it's fourth annual CREATE Symposium Wednesday, April 25th. The event showcases prototypes of inventions by undergrad and graduate students that help improve the lives of those with disabilities.

New this year, students will compete for prizes of $15,000, $10,000 and $5,000 for their inventions, as judged by professional engineers and rehabilitation personnel.

Brian Bateman from NYSID and Valerie Andreoli from Schenectady ARC joined Heather Kovar on CBS 6 to talk about how the inventions help the lives of people with disabilities.

The event on April 25th is from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Legislative Office Building, Albany, third-floor terrace overlooking The Well.

CREATE (Cultivating Resources for Employment with Assistive Technology) is an initiative sponsored by NYSID that brings undergraduate and graduate student engineers and professors from colleges and universities across New York State together with NYSID organizations that employ individuals with disabilities.

Participating colleges, NYSID member agencies and CREATE inventions include:

Alfred University and Arc of Steuben

• Easy Pallet Packing – Eliminates bottlenecking of manually wrapping pallets of commodities.

Binghamton University and AVRE

• Output System – Designed to create more space to keep up with the speed at which a machine processes rolls of paper, which will also eliminate a bottleneck in paper output.

City College of New York and Goodwill Industries of Greater New York & Northern New Jersey, Inc.

• ASSIST (Assistive Sensor Solution for Independent and Safe Travel) – Assists users with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in navigating complex indoor environments without the need for major equipment to gain independence.

• VAR4ASD – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VAR) technologies to train individuals with ASD and help them in the workplace.

Manhattan College and Lifespire

• Labeling Machine – Peels the backing off a label, making it ready to stick after a trigger is pressed, increasing productivity.

• Tremor Stabilizing Glove – Reduces hand tremors for an individual that packs boxes of products, increasing productivity and timeliness.

New York Institute of Technology, partnered with AHRC New York City and AHRC Nassau

• Helping Hand – A prosthetic hand attached at the forearm that extends over the wrist so that it functions as a left hand in order to improve the efficiency of the daily tasks of a janitorial worker.

• Smart Cane (i2Cane) – Designed with embedded technology that can address the challenges of detecting surface obstacles, objects, and heat sources while navigating an environment.

• Electro-mechanical System for Controlled Assembly of Earplugs – Speeds up the assembly process of earplugs, reduces the need for the fine motor skills required for inserting small strings into small-sized holes, and eliminates the direct contact of personnel hands with the instant glue.

• Gardening Assist – A mounted device that will attach a robotic arm to the back of a gardening worker's wheelchair to assist in gripping tools used for gardening.

• Color Pen Reader – An adaptation to an existing pen audio reader, allowing the pen to interpret colored text, or text on a colored background, into audio for individuals with dyslexia.

Rochester Institute of Technology and ABVI-Goodwill Industries of Greater Rochester, Inc.

• Sew Lean: Lean Process Improvement for ABVI Sewing Business – Improves workflow and reduces waste, which can be easily modified for new sewing jobs, and increases accessibility for blind/visually impaired workers.

Union College and Schenectady ARC

• Automated Greenhouse – An accurate and simple embedded system to heat the plants in the Schenectady ARC greenhouse.

University at Albany and Living Resources

• Bee Notified – A smart watch application that will assist individuals with disabilities with time management and the transition to independent living.

Students and professors will be on hand to showcase their creations and explain how they make workers more productive.

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