Actor Corey Feldman pressures GOP Senate to pass “Child Victims Act”

Corey Feldman

ALBANY -- Corey Feldman has publicly stated that he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Today he came across the country to share his story at the capitol.

"My interview with the police was literally buried for 34 years. It sat at the bottom of a pile somewhere,” Feldman said.

He's pushing for the Child Victim's Act. If passed the bill would create a one-year window for victims to file a suit against their abusers after the legal statute of limitations has passed.

"No longer can I sit quietly, no longer can I stand by and hope somebody can take action,” Feldman said.

Feldman took his concerns to Republican Senate majority leader John Flanagan.

He wasn't there. Feldman tried Republican Senator Christopher Jacobs' office. He wasn’t there either.

"Let him know that Corey Feldman came all the way from Los Angeles to try and meet with him,” said to a staffer.

Then he tried republican senator Carl Marcellino's office. No luck.

Feldman did get a face-to-face with Republican senator Andrew Lanza. Their heated exchange took place in the Senate chambers. We were told we couldn't record that interaction. Afterwards, Lanza declined to do an interview with us.

We couldn't get any Republican senator to talk to us on camera about the Child Victims Act. We did get a statement from republican senator Betty Little, who said in a statement,

"There's been a lot of discussion but no resolution at this point. There are multiple bills being considered. This will be discussed further as budget negotiations proceed,” Little said.

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