Actor Treat Williams cooks up pancakes for TSA workers at Albany Airport


COLONIE, N.Y. (WRGB) - A treat Tuesday for TSA workers at Albany International Airport.

Actor and pilot Treat Williams donated and made pancakes for those working without getting paid.

They’re among some 800,000 federal workers who missed paychecks Friday because of the government shut down.

However, officials at the airport say they haven’t seen a negative impact.

Actor and pilot Treat Williams showed up last week at Albany International with pancakes and cheese to thank workers.

Then he was asked to come back and cook and serve.

While doing so, he was handed a TSA coin by Bart Johnson, Federal Security Director for TSA that says never forget. It is in honor of 9-11.

“I’d like to thank all the TSA folks. Because since then we haven’t had that happen again and that’s an extraordinary thing,” said Williams.

Bart Johnson is Federal Security Director for TSA.

“My hat is off to the officers also for their dedication. They are showing up to work on time ready to do their job. Always ready to do the right thing,” said Johnson.

Johnson represents all New York airports outside of New York City.

“We have not seen an increase at all right across the state as it relates to call outs. Nor has there been any operational impact,” said Johnson.

However he says they will monitor that as this government shutdown continues.

“I never mix pancakes and politics,” Williams said while serving. He says he just wants to bring awareness of the real people getting hurt.

“There is obviously a difference of agreement. If they could sit down and talk to each other and get this resolved,” said Williams.

It’s not just paychecks impacted. The President of National Air Traffic at Albany Airport, Andrew Pegler, says during a shutdown, they can’t train or hire.

“We have three people that are not currently at the facility due to the rules and furlough,” said Pegler.

But he says like Williams, people have been reaching out offering support.

Williams’ father was from Schenectady. He tells CBS 6 he spent many years visiting his aunt there.

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