Additional charges in Greene County murder investigation.


Additional charges have been brought forward in he murder of Brandyn Foster, the Greene County man who went missing in January 2017 and whose body was discovered a year later.

Sade Knox was arraigned in court again on Thursday, this time for second degree murder. Knox was arrested Thursday morning when she was out on bail after she was already charged in March with hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence in a case that the DA says is still very much being investigated.

"Murder in the 2nd degree, a class A felony, and Conspiracy in the 2nd degree, a class B felony."

Greene County District Attorney Joe Stanzione listed the two additional charges Sade Knox now faces in court today. Her defense attorney, speaking for her:

"On behalf of Ms Knox, I will plea not guilty to each and every one of these counts."

Knox was arrested back in March for her involvement in the death of Brandyn Foster, but the highest charge she faced was tampering with evidence, a class D felony.

"Additional evidence has come to the attention of the state police."

Stanzione tells CBS6 that evidence was brought to the grand jury that resulted in a second degree murder charge for Knox. He says he can't speak specifically about what that evidence was.

"It is critical evidence and we believe it's solid evidence and we believe the grand jury's determination was appropriate."

Knox's attorney declined to comment after her arraignment.

Already charged in Brandyn fosters murder is Carlos graham, who currently remains at the Columbia County Jail, and the DA says the grand jury has also indicted Ashton Adams, who is set to be arraigned on Tuesday regarding his involvement.

"It's a serious matter and the state police have been committed to follow it through until they have exhausted every and all else out there," the DA said.

Foster's mother spoke with us over the phone today - she says Knox was once in a relationship with her son.

"I'm horrified that she would have anything to do with the murder of my son, such a senseless and horrific crime against such a really decent kind human being," Bonnie Steinberg said.

The DA says Graham will also be arraigned on Tuesday on additional charges in the case. Knox, who is six months pregnant, is currently being held at the Albany County Jail.

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