Albany 14-month-old recovering from three-story fall


A frightening fall for a one-year-old boy.

"The child fell three stories..."

Albany Police Officer Steve Smith says when crews arrived on scene Tuesday afternoon, the 14-month-old boy that fell from the top floor of 102 Madison Ave. was conscious - in miraculously good shape for a fall from that height.

"It was a complete accident," Smith says.

He says police investigated, and a parent was home with the child when it happened.

"It was a really unfortunate situation, but the child was up near the window looking outside and the screen gave out," Smith said.

"You know you’ve got to supervise your kids, they get distracted, and it happens."

Musa Rahman lives around the corner with his two kids.

"We don't let our kids near the window, the window may be open for a breeze, but it has a screen," Rahman said.

Smith says he's not aware of any city ordinance Albany has when it comes to bars on windows to prevent things like this. He says the 14-month-old remains in the hospital.

"He seems to be recovering now, he's in stable condition but he does have a fractured pelvis and a fractured leg as well as some lacerations and swelling to the head,” Smith said.

Many today agreed it's a miracle the child survived. Smith says he's glad police were able to get to him so quickly.

"We're thankful that we were able to get the child to the hospital and that the injuries that the child sustained as a result of the fall were not life threatening."

CBS6 reached out to the leasing companies for those apartments at 102 Madison Ave. to ask about window and screen regulations, but they did not get back to us.

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