Albany all geared up for snow removal


The City of Albany said Wednesday that it has more than forty vehicles ready to respond to this latest round of snow.

The Mayor said this storm was difficult because it was expected to start earlier, so the city had crews ready overnight. Even though the snow didn't start to pick up until Wednesday afternoon, the Mayor said local and state governments can't take chances when it comes to keeping people safe.

"This is the challenge of trying to make sure that we are prepared and that we have the ability to keep our streets cleared of snow and keep people safe," said Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan. "It's weather, it's fickle, but it does result in sometimes having to expend resources that we would have otherwise preferred not to have expended."

As of Wednesday afternoon the Mayor said she did not expect to have to declare a snow emergency. But Mayor Sheehan said the city would continue to monitor the storm as it developed.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said Wednesday that he opened the County Command Center where crews can monitor road conditions, power outages and crashes. He said Wednesday night first responders were dealing with cars off snow-covered and slick roads across the county.

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