Albany County DA to end prosecution of simple possession of marijuana charges


ALBANY, NY- District Attorney P. David Soares, in a Thursday press conference, announced that the District Attorney's Office will no longer prosecute "simple possession of marijuana" cases.

The DA's office says that they made the change after public meetings and feedback on their website.

Soares says that that simple possession is considered less than two ounces of marijuana. The office will also be seeking dismissals where appropriate for cases currently pending where these are the sole charges.

“As the war on marijuana comes to an end, the District Attorney’s Office has an important role in play in the process. In order to ease the transition into market regulated marijuana, we will be adopting a new policy on how to deal with low-level marijuana cases in courts throughout Albany County,” commented DA David Soares. “We will also be strengthening our vehicular crimes DWI policies to include Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs, to best serve the public safety needs of our county residents and the thousands of drivers who traverse the many thoroughfares in and out of our jurisdiction on a daily basis.”

The DA's office will also consider expunging records of past marijuana convictions of marijuana-only, simple possession offenses with no "special aggravating factors."

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