Quail Street fire sends one to hospital; dozens displaced

Sheridan Avenue fire

ALBANY -- This will be forever etched into Ishmael Price's head.

He's lucky that he was outside his home on Quail Street when flames started eating away at everything they touched.

"One minute we see smoke, the next minute we see fire."

His family started knocking on doors, getting everyone out, before it was too late.

"People looked at us at the front door, thinking it was a joke. No, get out of the house, it is a fire," Price said.

Alex Bennekin said, "By the time we got everyone out of the house, we looked up it just engulfed and starting eating all these houses. Thank god we got in there as soon as we did, who knows how that could have ended."

The fire was fickle, taking longer than usual to put out.

It devoured nearly an entire block, and caused roof cave-ins at five homes, including Mario Delaconchl's, who says this isn't the first time he's lost a home to a fire, but this time he's looking ahead.

"Just move forward, that's all you can do. You can't just sit there and be caught up in your feelings. You actually have to do something."

Albany fire crews were faced with two fires at once Sunday morning, this one and a second fire over on Sheridan Avenue.

They needed help from the Troy and Watervilet fire departments.

Albany Fire Chief Joseph Gregory said, "take a look at 'em, they took a beating putting out this fire, and on the one on Sheridan Avenue. Our resources were tested, but we came out on top."

Chief Joseph Gregory says one person was injured at the Quail Street fire, and taken to the hospital for treatment. investigators are looking for a cause, and the buildings at both fires will likely be knocked down.

The Red Cross has stepped in to aid more than 60 people affected by the two fires.

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