Albany School District to hold groundbreaking for the rebuilding of Albany High School


Saturday, April 14th, the Albany School District is holding a groundbreaking celebration and forum over the rebuilding of Albany High.

After years of planning, and trying to get tax payers to approve, work is underway.

The school district had to scale back it’s original multi million proposal, but in 2016 voters said yes by a slim margin.

This current athletics parking lot will be transformed into a new three story, 120,000-square-foot state of the art academic building, is expected to be complete by the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Superintendent of the City School District of Albany, Kaweeda G. Adams says that’s phase one.

“The need has to do with being able to keep up with the growth of the area,” said Adams.

Currently around 2500 students are enrolled at Albany high, and she says over the next five years, they expect that to grow to three-thousand. Plus the school is said to be in disrepair. Back in march of 2015, a portion of an exterior wall collapsed.

“We want the community to see the benefits of not only the structure, and the outside, but also the inside, what’s happening in the lives of our students,” said Adams.

She says they are excited tax payers approved the scaled back proposal in 2016 for the future of the students. Albany taxpayers will pay $62.7 million, or 35 percent of the cost. State aid covers the rest. Homeowners haven’t seen the increase yet. For example, a home worth 250-thousand dollars will see an increase of about 30-dollars a year.

Adams invites the community to gather at the groundbreaking ceremony and forum to address all concerns, such as impact to taxpayers, as well traffic and safety during construction, which will be built in phases over the next five to seven years.

Saturday’s forum starts at noon, the groundbreaking ceremony at 1:15 pm.

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