Albany Skyway project would transform exit ramp into path


"This is one of those big ideas that, initially when it gets put out there, people scratch their heads a little bit and think can we make this happen? Can we pull it off?" said Sarah Reginelli, Capitalize Albany Corporation President.

With $3.1 million in funding from Governor Cuomo, the Albany Skyway project is moving onward -- and upward.

The plan is to transform the Clinton Avenue exit ramp off 787 from a roadway to a recreational pathway for pedestrians.

"Now that we know it's a reality, we really need to hear what the community wants and what's going to make it a success," Reginelli said.

And the community has a lot of ideas.

At a meeting Thursday night, members of the public were given the chance to share what they'd like to see.

"Yoga classes or food trucks," said Myra Fedyniak, a former Albany resident.

"A lot of greenery so that it's attractive to actually walk along that path," added Leola Edelin, who works in Albany.

They also had the opportunity to express concerns.

Number one, by far, was traffic.

"A lot of people get off at that exit right there because there's a bunch of parking areas there and a bunch of buildings, state buildings where people work, so I'm sure they're going to be a little bit concerned about what happens to the exit and where do I go and how is the traffic going to flow etc.," Fedyniak explained.

But NYSDOT spokesman Bryan Viggiani says the ramp doesn't see as much volume as some might think.

"This ramp uses about 2,000 cars a day, that's in comparison to about 80,000, in the neighborhood of 80,000, vehicles a day on 787 itself so it's comparatively really low volumes."

Overall, most at the meeting said they believe the Skyway will truly help their city reach new heights.

"I think it's a really great idea for the city and it's nice to see Albany being progressive!"

Work on the project will begin in 2019.

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