Albany taps new school superintendent

Kaweeda Adams will be the Albany City School District's next superintendent.

ALBANY -- Albany City Schools will soon have a new superintendent at the helm.

After a nationwide search, the board tapped Kaweeda Adams, a career educator from Nevada, to tackle the issues here at home.

"To say she is eager and hardworking is an understatement,” explained Sue Adler, the board’s president.

"She has an extraordinary educational vision, and a vision for the community—and for the school district at large,” Adler continued.

Adams boasts 28 years in education and works as an associate superintendent for the Clark County School district in Nevada. In her current post, she oversees 24 schools and more than 28,000 students.

“When I saw the position fly for Albany, it was very intriguing,” Adams said by phone.

"I'm ready for the opportunity to have a greater impact, and a more positive impact on a higher level in the lives of students,” she continued.

Adams will become the fourth permanent superintendent in just a decade—in a district battling to improve.

Growing graduation rates are a top priority. So is getting students to own their education.

"Absolutely, we're here to serve them, to provide a quality education for them. However, our students must have voice in that,” Adams continued.

The incoming superintendent also wants to plan for growth, expand Pre-K and full day kindergarten programs, and work on early literacy.

Including all students, she says, is key.

"Our students of color, our students of poverty, students of privilege and students with special needs can and will learn in our Albany school district."

There's also the big question: will Adams stay put in Albany?

The last ‘permanent’ superintendent said she left because of philosophical differences with the school board.

Adams tells CBS 6 she plans on making the Capital Region her home for a long time.

She'll start her job next month.

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