Albany's Oldest Store celebrates 150 years


Congratulations to the Yonally family as they celebrate 150 years of B. Lodge & Co. The Albany County legislature is expected to mark the occasion Monday night.

B. Lodge & Co. was established in 1867 by Barrington Lodge and his two sons, Charles and William. According to B. Lodge's website, the Lodges sold the business in 1960 to Eve and Sid Ginsburg.

Their son Barry ran the store very successfully until 1995. With no interested heirs, the business was then sold to Jack and Elaine Yonally.

Jack was General Manager for the store while son Mark joined him and his wife after graduating from Siena College. Later the Yonallys were joined by their daughter Sharon after she graduated from St.Rose. In 2000, they bought the building from Barry Ginsburg and leased side stores to three new downtown businesses.

Jack and Mark joined CBS 6's Heather Kovar Sunday morning to discuss the store now at 75 N. Pearl Street in Albany and it's history. Jack says one little known fact is that Lodges used to make maps!

All this week, the store is donating five-percent of purchases to various local charities. The store also distributes thousands of coats to inner-city children in need.

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