Father turns himself in with missing child after Amber Alert is issued

Baby Donovan, who was the subject of an Amber Alert Friday, is brought to the Glenville Police Station.

Our cameras were there as Frank Bragg turned himself in to authorities with his son Donovan, who was reported missing earlier.

State police located The mother, Amanda Rua, shortly after.

Police say both had a court order warrant for both of them, and on order to take custody of Donovan away.

The amber alert was sent out around 4pm when they say Donovan was last seen on spring avenue in Troy.

However, we’re still looking into why they weren’t together when they were found, and why those court orders were issued.

We’re told Frank Bragg is in the Rensselaer county jail. Last we’ve heard from police is that Amanda Rua was taken into custody by NY State Police. Authorities say the baby is safe, but no word yet on where he’s being housed.

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