RPI student hailed a hero after Amtrak car seperation


Local Amtrak passengers say they were terrified Wednesday night when their car detached from the train.

It happened right near the Albany-Rensselaer train station.

The passengers were transferred to another train to continue to their destinations, but when the car actually detached, they say they were scared for their lives.

"All the sudden we heard noises and the train started going faster and we saw sparks out the back and we realize that we had become detached from the rest of the train. It was terrifying, people were upset, people started to panic," said Helen Crane.

They say an 18-year-old RPI student, Reuben Clarke, jumped up to pull the hand brake and stop the car, which they say was still speeding down the tracks.

"The car from the back of the train was like leaving us and I saw sparks and stuff like that and a huge gust of wind so I just calmed myself down and I was like we have to stop the train and make sure everyone was fine," Clarke said.

Amtrak says there were no reported injuries and the cause of the car separation is being investigated.

The people on the train say they're thankful they will be able to make it to their loved ones.

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