Anti-gun rally in Saratoga Springs held at same time as Glens Falls gun show


“Do not let thoughts and prayers be their legacy," said a student protestor.

Some of the same students from school walk-outs and rallies around the region, called for an end to gun violence.

"We still have to hold these memorials. We still have to protest death like it's some kind of partisan debate,” said a student.

Democratic Congressman Paul Tonko took the stage with them. He says a string of school shootings over the past few months galvanized the students to call for stricter gun laws.

"They have witnessed too much carnage in their short lifetime," Tonko said.

The rally in Congress Park comes just a week after the final gun show at the City Center last week. The Saratoga Springs City Council voted to ban all gun shows on city properties after the school shooting in Parkland Florida. Some of those buyers, sellers, and vendors were up at this weekend's gun show at the Cool Insuring Arena in Glens Falls.

"Most of the people that come here are hunters and collectors,” says organizer Martin Tretola.

Now Tretola and other gun advocates are worried that legally owned guns may be roped into the discussion of gun violence.

"Gun violence is all types of violence. That's a social problem not a gun problem,” Tretola said.

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