App allows students to report school safety concerns


ALBANY (WRGB) – A New York-based company has created an app that allows students to voice any safety concerns right on their smart phone.

It’s called Anonymous Alerts.

Students can report several concerns including bullying, depression, self-harm, harassment, weapons, drugs, threats, and more.

Students or parents can type out all the details and have a two-way conversation with school administrators, while staying completely anonymous.

“The students can do this anonymously without fear of retribution by their peers, so if they see something, they can say something, they can do something.” T. Gregory Bender with Anonymous Alerts App, said

The app allows administrators to act instantly, and use their district’s safety and security procedures.

“It’s a great way for them to be able to give us information about any number of concerns that they might have, in an instant fashion, and in a way we can insure the right people get that information immediately.” Jason Andrews, the Superintendent of the Windsor Central School District in Broome County, said. “In some cases I think it really has allowed us to provide support and services to kids who may have harmed themselves.”

The Anonymous Alert App was created after the Sandy Hook school shooting. Right now 5,000 school districts nationwide, and 50 districts across New York state, are using it.

In some districts, they've seen bullying, bad behavior, and other safety concerns reduce by up to 50%.

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