Authorities build wall around NYC transit bombing scene to continue terror investigation

Authorities build wall around NYC transit bombing scene to continue terror investigation (Photo: WRGB)

NEW YORK CITY, NY (WRGB) us and subway terminals that shut down early Monday in Midtown Manhattan are back open to commuters tonight.

For hours, NYPD officers stood at the entrances to the Port Authority and 42nd and 8th Avenue Subway station, some armed with automatic rifles. They guarded the doors as authorities investigated an early morning explosion, later determined to be an attempted terror attack.

In a morning news conference, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the 27-year-old terror suspect identified as Akayed Ullah, was unsuccessful in his attempt to devastate the major transit hub.

Video from inside the station captured the explosion as it occurred on a below-ground walkway at 7:20am.

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said Ullah intentionally detonated what authorities described as a low-tech explosive device, similar to a pipe bomb.

O'Neil said four people were hurt, including the suspect. Three of the injured were citizens, authorities said their injuries included head pain and ringing in the ears.

Authorities said Ullah was the most seriously injured, receiving burns and lacerations to his hands and abdomen.

A photo taken at the scene shows what police say is the suspect, laying on the ground, his shirt partially blown off.

Authorities reopened the subway terminal Monday afternoon before 3pm. They built a plywood wall around the crime scene to continue their investigation at the scene of the explosion without disrupting commuters during the evening rush.

The NYPD Commissioner said Ullah had a second explosive device in his possession.

CBS News learned the suspect is a Bangladeshi immigrant, who obtained permanent U.S. residency and had no criminal record.

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